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Who are Styked?

Freedom, sustainability & personal style

From start until today


We felt that there was a shortage of clothes with prints that matched our lifestyle and therefore chose to make our own. The idea of Styked started and pretty soon the company was up and running in Halmstad. The first t-shirt was launched and sold to mainly friends and family.


Creativity flowed and in order to be able to print a few garments and avoid large stocks, we started printing our clothes ourselves with the help of screen printing. We launched the first e-commerce and sold our product at a festival, which was a success!


2020 was a special year for all people around the world and so it was for Styked. We launched new e-commerce and in spring we also became a rolling business. With a warehouse rolling around on the roads in Sweden, we sold clothes around southern Sweden from the back of a van. 


A long-awaited product came into the collection, the hoodie! The rolling sales from the van continued and we began to realize that it was the most fun with sales when we got to meet our customers. At the end of the summer, we stood at Kivik's market and sold out of more or less our entire stock and had to take a break from our e-commerce.


This with building an e-commerce seems to be a favorite that is repeated because again this year we have launched a completely new e-commerce! New additions come to the range such as new prints, tie dye hoodies and shorts. They will be available to find in the spring. We are also planning a small market tour for the summer, so keep an eye out for information about where and when, because we would love to meet you!

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