Always longing outdoors

An organic swedish brand

A lifestyle brand with passion

Styked is a Swedish clothing brand that started on the west coast in 2018. Since its inception, sustainability has been a cornerstone of the company and it still is today. Our prints are inspired by the things that make us constantly long for new adventures. The sea, the sun, the mountains and the snow are something you just can not get too much of. Hope you love both our lifestyle and products as much as we do!

Sustainability is the key

We care a lot about what we love, which is why our products are always made of organic cotton or recycled material. We are very happy and proud of this. Sustainability has always been a matter of course for us. Not only do we like our soft organic sweaters, but they are also very much appreciated by our customers. Over the years, we have tested different printing techniques for our products. We are using screen printing with water-based ink. Do you want to know more?


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